Green contact lens Examinations – What You Need to Know?

Green contact lens examinations take longer and require a bigger number of tests than a consistent eye exam. On the off chance that you wish to attempt green contact lenses you have to illuminate your eye care proficient’s office when you book the arrangement so enough time can be held for the green contact lens fitting. The normal exam takes around an hour and a half.

There are three principle parts to your green contact lens exam and fitting:

  • Consultation
  • Examination
  • Green contact lens fitting and guidance


When you initially enter the workplace your eye specialist will solicit a number from inquiries with respect to your way of life, current eye wellbeing and green contact lens inclinations. These inquiries will enable your eye to specialist to decide whether green contacts lenses are appropriate for you and furthermore what sort of green contact lenses would be the best fit.

Royal Blue contact lens


Next your eye specialist will play out a standard eye exam.

Your eye specialist will sparkle a light at you with the end goal to watch the eye structure and how well your eye muscles work. A visual sharpness test will be given to rate how well you can see the letters and numbers on a standard eye outline. Drops might be placed in your eyes and other essential tests performed to decide whether you require restorative lenses and what your remedy quality would be.

Green contact lens Examination

The arch, size and state of your eyes are novel thus estimations should be taken with the end goal to decide the right fit for your green contact lenses. In the event that green contact lenses are not fitted appropriately they can cause inconvenience and even eye harm.

  • The eye specialist will utilize an instrument called a keratometer a sort of advanced camera to quantify the ebb and flow of your cornea. Ordinarily you sit confronting the instrument with your jaw in a support so you cannot move while the keratometer photos your eye. The estimations it takes are figured scientifically to decide the right size and bend for your green contact lenses. Another technique called corneal geography might be utilized to give exact points of interest of your eye to your eye specialist.
  • Next your eyes student and iris estimate are estimated utilizing a ruler, understudy card or pupillometer.
  • A biomicroscope will be utilized to assess the strength of your cornea and furthermore to check the attack of your preliminary green contact lenses.
  • A tear film assessment may likewise be performed to check the dampness in your eye. This should be possible by embeddings a little piece of paper under the lower eyelid or by putting fluorescein color in your eyes and perceiving to what extent it takes for your tears to expel it. This test decides whether you have issues with dry eye. In the event that you have extreme dry eye you will most likely be unable to wear green contact lenses or you may require extraordinary green contact lenses.