The Stephens Law Firm Offer You the Next Big Thing

Despite the Proliferation of the numerous opportunities to buy online legal records, you should probably think again before buying do-it-yourself wills and such. All things considered, legal documents are the main items that you will leave behind in the event of your passing. Rather than trust your instinct to deal with the many details of a complex legal document, you might choose to take advantage of the various advantages of a virtual law firm. You can buy anything Online nowadays. The Internet offers so many options, ranging from established, global businesses to local, single-owner companies. Along with brick-and-mortar stores, every business needs a web presence. Goods of all types are offered online, from jeweler to comic books, vintage guitars to designer clothes. Following the successful sale of digital downloads for ebooks and music; legal documents were the next logical candidate for online sales.


Famous attorneys attached their names to the first couple of websites selling legal documents. But, those lawyers were only representing the business selling The Stephens Law Firm. They certainly were not there to represent their clients. Meaning that regardless of who was the celebrity spokesperson, you still had to do all of the research, enter all of the data and take the chances if you did not finish the legal forms properly. A virtual law firm removes that risk by providing a lot more than a successful form download and instructions. Having a virtual law firm, you get legal advice from an attorney licensed in your state – a lawyer who can handle all kinds of estate issues like wills, living trusts and powers of attorney. But that is not all they do. They can also assist you to prepare living wills, health care proxies and deeds. Their information is available to their clients at no cost by email and phone. They also provide a review of your legal documents at no cost, adding experience to the purchase.

Any estate planning is a serious undertaking. While it could be less-expensive to skip the lawyer fees and time spent in appointments, then you surely do not need to trust your will to a newcomer like yourself, unless your will is going to be as straightforward as bequeathing everything to a single person. In case you have got a family, you need to be certain your will provides for everybody as you had planned. A lawyer can guarantee your intentions are followed to the letter. Some firms will even print your forms after you have stuffed them in online. This way they could check them for errors or omissions. If you decide you forgot something or need to make a change, most virtual law firms will allow changes and a reprinting of your files within thirty days from the day of the document’s development. They use expensive, official-looking newspaper to give your documents the legal look and feel you would expect.