The New GRE – Sentence Equivalence

Sentence equivalence issues are a new sort of concern on the Verbal Reasoning section of the new GRE coming August 2011. In this type of inquiry, you will be given a sentence with a left out word. You will select 2 solutions from a checklist of six answer choices that will certainly give the sentence the exact same or as near to the like possible significance. No partial credit rating is offered for partially correct responses.

Sentence equivalence may be brand-new to the block, yet really, they are a whole lot like another kind of inquiry with which you are possibly currently acquainted – sentence completion. You could and will certainly make use of practically the same strategies to solve these problems. One of the most vital of these methods is context clues, which is using various other words in the sentence in order to help you figure out what word, ought to go in the space.

Let’s check out an instance.

Provided the existence of a lot of factions in the area, it was unrealistic of Anna Freud to expect any kind of kind of — of opinion.


 B homogeneity

 C review

 D uniformity

 E expression

 F development

In this trouble, the most essential item of context is in the beginning of the sentence: the presence of so many factions in the area. The existence of lots of factions implies the existence of several points of views – consequently, would not it make sense to say that it would certainly be unrealistic of Anna Freud to anticipate all these viewpoints to be precisely the gre test prep course. Using this reasoning, we can recognize B as well as D as the right answer choices, due to the fact that homogeneity as well as harmony both suggest the very same.

It is additionally important to keep in mind with this sort of question that, while one more solution selection may fit well, there need to be another response option that gives the sentence the same definition. Also if you locate a solution option exceptionally eye-catching, if no other response selection implies the exact same thing, then it cannot be right.